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Pic Talk: Ileana's 'Zero F*cks'

Pic Talk: Ileana's 'Zero F*cks'

Goan beauty Ileana D'Cruz seems to be making desperate attempts to prove how bold and freedom seeking she is. After sharing her 'bikini in swimming pool' video and lip-lock picture with her boyfriend, the hip beauty has now shared yet another smacking pic.

The lady has recently done a photo shoot in which she tried different attires as a bride. Well, she is not your average bride but a badass lady, who carries 'I don't care' attitude on her sleeve, literally.

In this pic, one could feel and also see the 'Don't care' attitude of Ileana. To convey the same, the sexy lady has used the 'Censorship needed' worthy words, 'Zero F*cks'. No wonder she received such lewd responses on social media.

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