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Refused to Remove Mangalsutra, Hyd Woman Quits Exam

Refused to Remove Mangalsutra, Hyd Woman Quits Exam

We have heard of invigilators subjecting the candidates to stringent measures in order to allow them into the exam halls of highly competitive Public Service Commission (PSC) exams. However, here is the extreme and appalling example of how a woman was forbade from writing the exam when she refused to the manic instruction of removing her sacred Mangalsutra.

Lakhs of eligible candidates sat for Group Exam conducted by Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) on Friday, 11th Nov. Keeping the nature of the exam and the malpractices that candidates can resort to in the age of technology, the officials at all the exam centers have reportedly asked the candidates not to carry anything like mobile phones, rings, chains, purses etc. into the exam hall.

At a particular exam center, a woman was reportedly asked to remove her mangalsutra, which women consider very sacred, before entering the exam hall. As she refused to do so, she was forbidden from writing the exam. Even after her husband tried to explain the officials, they didn't permit her inside.

Similar cases were reported at a few other places as well. Candidates have reportedly expressed deep resentment over the treatment they were meted with.  

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